Mariah Johnson, Realtor | Leasing Agent

Mariah is described as being client-obsessed, devoting herself to each individual need and is energized through building personal relationships. Coming from a family with a competitive drive, she has always thrived in high-pressure situations, allowing her to accomplish tough challenges. She believes the best client experiences come from clear communication, genuine empathy and sharp problem solving skills while maintaining a friendly and positive mindset.

Originally from a small town in southern Minnesota, Mariah moved to Minneapolis after attending college in Arizona. Since returning to her home state, she has lived and worked in the North Loop for over six years. Her passion for architecture, the housing market and interior design, combined with her previous experience in real estate development and property management is what ignited the decision to launch her real estate career.

In her free time, Mariah loves spending time with her energetic puppy, Gibson. She enjoys recharging by visiting Minneapolis restaurants, crafting new recipes at home, entertaining friends and family or seizing any opportunity to see live music.

Mariah is honored to help people elevate their lives and grateful for the meaningful relationships that come to her through this industry.

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