Working with a Real Estate Agent

The process of selling a home requires time, expertise and resources. There are legal and financial considerations, sales and marketing efforts. The process requires education, negotiation and coordination. It’s a big job.

Selecting a real estate Agent that has the right skills and traits to get the job done properly will be critical to achieving your goals and objectives. Our goal is simple: get you the best price in the least amount of time – and make it a good experience.

What makes an Agent effective?

Experience and knowledge – Your real estate Agent should have a good working knowledge of the type of home that you are selling. Understanding the process from start to finish and the commitment to acting in your best interests every step of the way will be critical. Being a specialist usually results in a better knowledge base that will translate into better advice and better recommendations.

Compatability – Working with an Agent works best when together, you form a good team. This is a very personal and sometimes emotional process. Having someone that you trust and feel comfortable with – and who you enjoy working with – is a big item. Before committing to an Agent, spend some time together discussing your goals and objectives. Once you feel comfortable and confident, go ahead and make a mutual commitment to work together and sell your home quickly and for the best possible price.

Where do I look for good Agents?

Referrals – Anytime that someone is looking for a provider of services, it’s a good idea to get referrals or recommendations from friends or family. While someone might look good during your first meeting or on their web site, there is no substitute for a recommendation from someone that you trust that has had a good experience working with that real estate Agent.

Market leader- Another way to identify market leaders is to notice which companies are most visible and who is active in marketing homes within your community. Pay special attention to real estate web sites as they are becoming increasingly important in effective home marketing.

What services will be provided by my Agent?

  • Your real estate agent will coordinate a variety of steps in the selling process including:
  • Discuss goals and objectives
  • Prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA)
  • Prepare property for market
  • Assist in preparation of all documents and disclosures
  • List property on the Mulitple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Search Minneapolis Urban Homes database for potential buyers
  • Conduct open house showing and tour for Realtors
  • Conduct open house showings for the public
  • Create printed and Internet marketing materials
  • Coordinate all marketing activities
  • Gather and communicate feedback from showings
  • Review any written offers and manage negotiations
  • Review all documents during all phases of sales process
  • Coordinate closing

Establishing a price with a comparable market analysis – The best way to determine the correct listing price is through a comparable market analysis (CMA). By checking for homes that are comparable to yours, either actively listed or recently sold, you can identify a realistic price range for your home.

Marketing your home – You will receive a marketing plan with a list of activities and strategies designed to get maximum exposure and sell your home quickly. uses state of the art technology and will put extra emphasis on Internet shoppers and presenting your home with excellent photos and presentation features.

Handling of details and problem resolution – During the course of selling your home, issues and challenges may pop up. Your Agent will be actively involved with dealing with these items and make it easier for you.

Providing education, counsel and guidance – If you are new to the process, you will probably have more questions than someone that has done it all before. Our job is to provide you with the information that you need, keep you posted and provide feedback during the sales cycle. We know the market and we know what works.

What is the best way to work with my Agent as a team?

Once you have selected your Agent, there are some things to think about to make your collaboration as effective and productive as possible. There are things that both the Seller and the Seller’s Agent should do to make this relationship work well:

Agent responsilities include listening to you to understand your goals, objectives and preferences. This part of the process is essential and good communication is required if you are to get good service and results. Make a list of questions and make sure that the answers make sense and work for you. Your Agent will explain the entire process at the beginning and keep you posted as you go.

Buyer responsibilities include sharing information and clarifying what is most important to you. Different people have different circumstances and different reasons for selling and/or moving. Understanding your situation will allow us to do whatever is necessary to help meet your objectives. Listening is also helpful for the Seller. Your Agent will make recommendations based on market knowledge and experience. It will be beneficial to you, the Seller, to take advantage of this type of input. Good communication on both sides leads to better teamwork.

What are the different types of Agents?